What Every Car Owner Should Know About Buying New Tires

Neglecting to properly maintain tires has many bad side effects. The problem is that it’s easy to forget how essential tires are to safety and performance until the driver is put in a dangerous situation or feels the difference that new tires make. Auto repair includes all aspects of an automobile, and below we’ll discuss the important topic of buying new tires.

When should I buy new tires?

Quality tires will last tens of thousands of miles before needing replacement, and this makes it easier to forget that they eventually do wear out. The solution is bringing a vehicle into a certified repair shop on a regular basis for maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations. The knowledgeable technicians will be able to quickly and accurately assess the condition of the tires on a vehicle and advise the owner as to when they need replacement. It’s also a good habit to give tires a visual inspection before every drive and look for damage, under inflation, and excessive wear.

What tires are right for my vehicle?

The tire size should generally be kept at what the manufacturer recommended, but it’s not uncommon for owners to change sizes for specific applications. The area to really investigate is all the different types of tires. Styles range from regular all-season tires that are suited for a range of conditions to high-performance summer tires that feature enhanced traction on dry surfaces. Choose tires that fit the vehicle’s use, climate, and any other needs. The colder Illinois winters make winter tires an obvious choice, but many people choose to switch to softer tires in the spring or summer to improve ride quality.

What services should be performed when buying new tires?

The important roles tires play on a vehicle requires some special services to be performed along with their installation. When new tires are installed the wheels must be balanced to ensure smooth function, and new stems are usually installed at the same time. It’s also important to consider having a wheel alignment performed. Neglecting this step will often lead to uneven, premature tire wear and steering problems.

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