The Leading Causes of Manual Transmission and Clutch Problems

Problems with your manual transmission or clutch can take your car out of commission. If you understand how these problems occur, however, you can catch potential issues early and get the necessary auto repair. Here is a list of the leading causes of manual transmission and clutch problems.

  • Wear and Tear

The most basic cause of manual transmission and clutch problems is wear and tear. Your transmission is a complex piece of machinery with many parts, and over time they can begin to wear. This is a natural and unavoidable aspect of car maintenance, but you can make the process easier by knowing what to look for. When your clutch and manual transmission begin to wear, you will start to hear noises from your engine. You may hear a grinding noise when you shift gears, for example. When you start hearing these noises, you should immediately take your car to a mechanic and undertake the necessary repairs.

  • Improper Driving Practices

Although you are bound to run into transmission and clutch issues eventually because of natural wear and tear, improper driving practices can lead to a premature onset of these problems. For example, excessive shifting can cause undue friction on the clutch, leading to premature wear. The same is true about drivers who keep their feet on the clutch when they are not shifting. Even a small amount of pressure can increase friction and wear. Another bad driving habit is when drivers don’t match their gear to their driving speed. For example, if you are in a high gear but are traveling at a low speed, this puts immense pressure on the drive train.

  • Poor Maintenance

Failure to regularly maintain your car and check your transmission fluid levels can also lead to serious problems. Transmission fluid lubricates the components of your manual transmission. Without it, the parts will wear quickly, leading to serious damage.

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