Don’t Be Left in the Heat! Signs Your Car’s AC System Needs a Checkup

With summer on the way, you are only going to rely on your car’s air conditioning more. For this reason, it is important to maintain your air conditioner all year long. The first step is to know the common issues with air conditioning systems. Here are some signs that your car’s air conditioner is not working and might be in need of some auto repair.

  • AC Not Producing Cold Air

If you notice that your car’s air conditioner is not actually producing cold air, this is a sign you could be out of refrigerant. Because the air flow stays normal, this can be particularly hard to catch, especially during the cooler months when the air conditioner is not used extensively. Instead of waiting your refrigerant to run out completely, it makes more sense to periodically have your system recharged to keep your AC working well.

  • Poor Air Flow

In addition to simply using up refrigerant, you can lose it through leaks. When you leak refrigerant, your air conditioner’s ability to produce cold air gradually decreases. In some cases even your air conditioner’s airflow will be compromised. Leaks can be quite difficult to pin down. However, with the help of a professional you will be able to find the leak and plug it, ensuring that your AC is working in time for the warmer months.

  • AC Not Working Despite Refrigerant

Many people forget that the air conditioner requires more than just refrigerant to work properly. Like the air conditioner in your home, your car’s air conditioner also has an evaporator and a condenser. If you notice that your air conditioner is not working despite the presence of refrigerant, one of your air conditioner’s parts may in fact be damaged.

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