Your Auto Repair Shop: Prepare Your Vehicle for Cold Weather Conditions

With a little bit of preparation, just about any car can get through the harsh weather that visits the Schaumburg area every winter. Go to a car repair shop and ask for the following winterization car services to make sure your car won’t have any trouble making it through winter.

Tires Your best aid in conquering snowy roads is a set of good tires, so be sure that you check the tread level of your tires before cold weather hits Schaumburg. If you don’t have at least 6/32” of tread, you should head to a car repair shop and get a set of tires, preferably snow tires, which are designed for driving through snow, ice, and sleet.

Engine Oil Different types of engine oil respond differently to outside temperatures. In winter, you should use lower viscosity, or thinner, oil. This makes it easier for the oil to flow through your engine, which makes it possible for your engine oil to cool and lubricate your engine even when it is below-freezing outside. If you don’t go to a car repair shop to get lower viscosity oil, your high-viscosity engine oil from the summer could end up freezing when the temperature drops, which could result in a need for serious engine repair.

Battery Winter is really hard on your battery, so it’s imperative that you go to a car repair shop to get your battery terminals, cables, and fluid inspected, and the voltage tested to make sure that everything is in running order for winter.

Windshield Wipers Your car’s wipers will have to be pretty strong to endure the winter weather that hits the Schaumburg area. If you haven’t replaced your wipers recently, do so before winter hits.

Emergency Kit A roadside emergency kit is an essential part of preparing your car for winter. If you are ever stuck on the side of the road needing car repair, things like flares, blankets, boots, and a flashlight with spare batteries will help keep you safe.

To get your car ready for winter weather, take it to Casey Automotive at one of our three locations in the Chicago area. For more information about winterizing your car, call us at (866) 709-3522 or visit our website.

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