Winter Wonderland Safety: Driving in Snow and Ice

Drive gently in the snow and ice and you probably won’t have any trouble, especially if you go to a car repair shop for a set of winter tires. But to be sure that you don’t lose traction, get stuck, or end up with an expensive car repair bill, heed the following tips for winter-weather driving.

Handling Snowy Roads If you have a manual transmission or a way of selecting the gear in your automatic transmission, you should start out on second gear to reduce wheel-spin. When you’re driving, try to keep a constant speed, especially if you are heading uphill. As you descend a hill, reduce your speed, use a low gear, and make sure that there is plenty of room between you and the car in front of you so that you can avoid a situation in which you have to apply your brakes quickly.

Staying Safe When Driving on Ice Driving on ice is like driving in snow in that you will want to use low gears, go easy on the brakes, and drive so that there is lots of room between you and the cars in front. But there are additional things to keep in mind, such as being extra careful when traveling over bridges and overpasses, since these are usually the iciest areas. Also, be sure to avoid using cruise control or overdrive, and don’t ever pass a large truck such as a sand truck or a snow plow; these cars have very limited visibility.

What to Do if You Lose Traction First, let your foot off of the accelerator. Next, steer in the direction that you want your front wheels to go. If your vehicle starts sliding in this direction, don’t overcorrect too quickly; instead, steer slowly. Applying the brakes will help in this situation, but only if you apply them gently; otherwise, the wheels will slip and traction will decrease even more.

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