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HELICOBACTERHelicobacter pylori (grey), A common bacterium that lives in the stomach lining, improves the risk of stomach cancer
dental supplies online (Brown growths) And peptic ulcers. But with H. Pylori can reduce stomach acid and acid reflux, which could help fend off esophageal cancer. The microbe also appears to help protect us from allergies. Some scientists suspect that the dramatic increase in those conditions in the developed world could be related to the decreasing frequency of H. Pylori in our abdomens, Which is partly due to high doses of antibiotics in childhood.

MOUTH microbesThe human mouth hosts a panoply of bacterias, Some seizing residence on
dental instruments the mouth lining (blue colored) within a few days after birth. Harmful
dental micro motor fish form biofilms, Like the plaque that encourages oral cavaties, Or colonize the crevices between gums and teeth, Causing gum
ultrasonic scaler tips disease. Oral probiotics designed to boost the citizenry of species that outcompete pathogenic ones could help prevent or reverse dental disease.

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