Common Car Noises That Require a Trip to the Mechanic

When your car’s internal systems are in great working condition, your vehicle should perform smoothly and quietly. One way to diagnose a car problem is to listen for any sounds that seem loud or out of the ordinary. Here is a look at some common car noises that require a trip to the mechanic:


A hissing sound from under the hood of your car might be an indication that your exhaust manifold gasket is failing. Another cause of hissing may be a leaking vacuum hose. The hissing noise that you hear is the sound of hot gas being released under the hood of your car. When you hear a hissing noise from under your car, you should bring your vehicle to the mechanic right away.


If you hear a squeaking noise when you apply pressure to the break pedal, this is an indication that your break pads have worn down. As your breaks wear with use, the break wear indicator will be exposed. The break wear indicator is designed to make a squealing noise when it’s time to bring your breaks into the mechanic for maintenance.

Clang or Clunk

A clang or clunk from under the center of your vehicle may be an indication that you are having trouble with your suspension or driveshaft. If the clunking sound happens as you go around turns, you probably are experiencing an issue with your CV joint or other suspension component. When you hear a clunking sound as you transition from a stop into gear, this is a sign that your drive shaft is misaligned.

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