When to Take Your Car to an Auto Repair Shop for Brake Maintenance

If you apply the brakes of your car and you notice that there are any strange noises, sensations, or smells, then you know it’s time to go to a car repair shop immediately. The sooner you get the issue looked at, the cheaper and easier the brake repair service is likely to be. If your brakes are acting up, read the following guide to see what issue your brakes could be experiencing.

Squealing or Grinding A squealing noise is just the brake wear indicators letting you know that it’s time to get new brake pads at your local car repair shop. If you don’t, then eventually you will hear a grinding noise letting you know that the rotors are starting to wear.

Unusual Vibrations During Braking If your car or steering wheel starts shaking during braking then there is one of two problems going on. It could be that the brake pads and rotors are misaligned. But another possibility is that your brake rotors are warped. In either case, go to a car repair shop to get brake work as soon as possible.

Loose Brake Pedal If you’ve started to notice that your car’s brake pedal travels quite a ways before you feel any brake power, then you need to go to a car repair shop as soon as possible. Most likely, this is an issue caused by a brake fluid leak.

Car Leans to One Side During Braking This problem means your brakes are either wearing unevenly or your car’s brake fluid is contaminated. In either case, your local auto repair shop will be able to adjust your brakes or flush the brake fluid to fix the problem.

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