Fluid Leak Under Your Car? Read This Article Then Take Your Car to an Auto Repair Shop

To save a ton of money on auto repair, it’s important to pay attention to whether there is fluid leaking from your car. To diagnose whether the fluid underneath your car warrants a trip to the car repair shop, read the following car fluid leak guide.

Clear, Watery Fluid If the leak coming from your car feels like water, smells like water, and is located under the air conditioner, then it is most likely just condensation, especially if you just used your car’s air conditioner. If you find this fluid underneath your car, you do not need to make a trip to the car repair shop.

Watery Fluid With a Colorful Tint If the fluid under your car is a bit too slippery to be water and has a slight red, yellow, blue, or green tint, then it could be that you are looking at coolant or brake fluid. Check the fluid reservoirs for your radiator to see if they are low, and head to a car repair shop to make sure that the leak is repaired.

Thin, Oily Fluid If you see a dark fluid underneath your car’s engine or transmission, then there’s a good chance that it’s engine oil. To check, open up the hood of your car and see if there’s liquid around the oil drain plug or the oil pan. In any case, you’ll need to take your car to a car repair shop immediately.

Reddish or Brownish Fluid This could be automatic transmission fluid or power-steering fluid. Check both reservoirs to see which one of them is low, and be sure to head to a car repair shop to get the leak repaired and the fluids refilled.

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