What Happens When You Neglect Recommended Auto Maintenance

The regular performance of your vehicle depends on regularly scheduled visits to the mechanic, and the consequences for ignoring maintenance services according to the factory-recommended schedule can be severe. Read on to learn exactly what happens when drivers neglect auto maintenance.

  • Expensive Repairs: Routine maintenance that is taken for granted will eventually evolve into costly inconveniences. For example, engine oil should be changed regularly in every vehicle. If the oil is too old or dirty, or if the oil level gets too low, the engine can seize up. You’ll then have to replace the entire engine and deal with thousands of dollars in repair bills too. Conversely, a few inexpensive oil changes each year could prevent this problem from occurring in the first place.
  • Preventable Collisions: Auto repair problems like steering failure and brake loss can put you in great danger while on the road. Thankfully, a majority of serious auto repair problems can be prevented with routine maintenance. Keep your vehicle in top shape to avoid the costs and inconveniences of an auto collision. Proper car maintenance is especially important if you have children—their safety on the road is your responsibility.
  • Permanent Damage: Often, the damage that occurs because of improper maintenance is irreversible.  Brake rotors, for example, become physically damaged when brake pads are taken for granted. The result is a permanent drop in brake performance until the rotor is replaced. Brake rotors are considerably more expensive than brake pads, so be sure to always replace your brake pads before they wear out.

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