I took my vehicle (VW Jetta) to Casey Automotive, to have a complete brake job done, an oil change, as well as an EVAP issue repaired, which was causing the check engine light to come on. They did an outstanding job! My vehicle was ready at the exact time and day as promised. The service advisor David Hudson, was a pleasure to work with, and the technician who worked on my car, did an excellent job. They will gladly answer any questions that you may have. I highly recommend Casey Automotive, and believe you will be completely satisfied.


Jim S. – January 26



Honest and good. I trust them a lot.

Love this place! We are new to the area and we were looking for a “go-to” place to repair our cars. They are friendly, knowledgeable, honest and have great prices. I had a wheel alignment done and forgot my coupon for the discount. Turns out they had already rung it up and automatically added it. I would recommend this store to anyone! My husband had an oil change and headlight changed. We will definitely be back! 

Carol K. – January 21



Honest and good. I trust them a lot.

I highly recommend Casey Automotive. I can honestly say that I trust them more than I trust the dealership that I got the car from. I think that they are honest and when I ask them a question about car parts and how things work, they tell me. Oh! And they gave me a coupon once even though I forgot it at home. I would say these guys are pretty good and I trust them a lot.


Lois S. – January 19



I think that Casey Automotive is always excellent. I have never been dissatisfied with their service. I often go there for oil changes. During one instance I left with a little bit of a leak after an oil change. I returned and they fixed it right away and then gave me a voucher for a free oil change because I had to drive back. They are just a classy, first rate operation. I would definitely recommend them.


Wayne K.  - January 12



Thanks for the extraordinary service you recently provided with my faulty tire incident. It’s nice to know I’m dealing with such an honest company. It’s so easy to be misled or taken advantage of in your line of business. I feel happy to have found you.Thanks for all the hard work and service. I’ll continue to highly recommend Casey Automotive to all my friends. Thanks to Gabe for a job well done.


Mary Ann D.  - September 2


Thanks so much for all the work each of you did on my Civic. I know it’s had a lot of problems lately and for you to fix the last bit with no additional cost was such a blessing to me. I truly appreciate how friendly and helpful you guys were. My dad’s always talked highly of your business so now I’m looking forward to working with you in the future-hopefully for things like oil changes and not more weird noises :) Thanks again

Katie D.  - October 8


Thanks for your help with my car. Your honesty was above and beyond what a lot of people would have done and I appreciate it! I recommend your shop to everyone I know. Thank again

Joan P. – March 15

Thank you so much for your generous donation to the American Cancer Society!  Thank you for supporting the Village of Streamwood’s fundraising efforts.  We appreciate your dedication to the mission and your involvement in the community.  Have a great day and thank you again!

Marline P. – June 5


Quoted By Our Customer

” Twas the week before Christmas
and all through the Midwest
you’ll find Casey’s Auto repair the best!
Your auto will be tended
with the hands that care
so you and your family can drive anywhere!!”

“Merry Christmas!”

Thanks Al.
Al S. – December 19

I would like to say a special THANK YOU to Mike and the mechanics @ the Arlington Heights location. Mike always provides friendly customer service and goes out of his way to ensure safety on the overall health of my vehicle. He goes above and beyond in identifying issues before they cause additional problems.

I greatly appreciate your help and guidance while working with the dealership that I have a warranty with and assisting me in holding them accountable for the overall health of my car. I would recommend Casey Automotive to anyone, and always use their services over my dealership.

Thank you again for your continued service.
Stacy W. – December 15

Dear Paul, Rick and all the guys at Casey Automotive, Thank you so much for all the years you have provided great service to our family cars. Sue and I especially appreciate the help you gave our son Michael when our green 2002 Honda Civic had a major oil leak when I was traveling. You guys went beyond the call of duty! Thanks for great service and friendship.
Mark and Sue D. – February 9

The Rotary Club of Palatine would like to thank you for your generous sponsorship of $500 for the 4th Annual Oktoberfest. Over 5,000 people from the community are expected to attend this exciting event and we hope to raise over $50,000 to benefit philanthropic organizations in our community. The Rotary Club of Palatine continually partners with corporate neighbors and friends to help make a difference to local charities. We are grateful for your support.
The Rotary Club of Palatine – Sept 28

Thank you so very much for the EXCELLENT service you provided to my Buick Rendezvous last week. I called on a Wednesday and spoke with Tom to get a quote on a rebuilt transmission. He was quick to get a quote together. I then brought my car over from the dealer who wanted to replace the transmission for twice as much as the quote from Casey. When I got to Casey, I told Pete and Tom what was going on with the car and they highly suggested a diagnostic look before they just replaced the transmission. I reluctantly agreed to this diagnostic approach… and thank goodness I did. Casey staff spent 3 days driving, testing and checking my car. They couldn’t find a problem with it and so instead of putting in the replacement transmission, they instead didn’t charge me anything and my car has been just fine. I really appreciate the time that was put into checking out my car. Event more so, I appreciate your honesty in saying there wasn’t anything wrong with the car. THAT IS GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I will recommend Casey Automotive to anyone who asks and I will be back when I think I need work done because I know that the staff will do what’s right by me and my car. Thank you again for all your work.
Jill H. – Sept 27

Just wanted to say thank you to your sales person, Paul Casey and the mechanic that worked on my car for alerting me to the fact that my water pump was leaking, and that I should get to my dealer to get it fixed on my warranty. I did as they suggested and had the pump replaced.
Al N. – July 23

Friendly, Honest Service We’ve taken our cars to Casey Automotive ever since we moved to the area 5 years ago and we’ve been pleased with their service and helpfulness. They have friendly staff who answer questions and who know us by name. We’re very satisfied.
Sandy G. – Apr 30

Absolutely Recommend Caseys I don’t normally write a review, but I have to say that Caseys does a great job. They have been servicing my wife’s Lexus and my Honda Pilot. They are very reasonable and I completely trust their judgment. It is hard to find good service and they really are the best. I live in South Carolina and always come to them for service I need when I come to Chicago.
Bob H. – Jul 9

Caseys is by far the best automotive place around. I cam in for an oil change and they were able to identify several (real) things that my car needed. One was the fact that my tires were bald. Though they could have gone another 5K miles, they had a great deal on 4 tires which cane with a free GPS unit. They also put my old tires on the manufacturers original rims so I would have a spare. They helped me load them in my car. They gave me a loaner car to use while they did their work, which was very helpful.

They are so good, that they bought out the remaining adjacent properly and are expanding. They are very personal, helpful, and respectful. I was referred by a friend, and I’d refer my friends there as well.
Jason W. – Oct 25

A Strong Relationship! I have been a customer of Casey Automotive in Palatine since 2007. The staff there has always been courteous and helpful. It is so hard to find a repair shop you can trust, and I have definitely found that at Casey’s. Their pricing is great and much cheaper than the dealer I used to bring my car to. The manager, Pete knows me by name and the mechanics know my car! Every experience with them has been stellar and they have kept my car running like new even though it has 151244 miles on it! Casey Automotive will let you get the most out of your vehicle and keep it on the road for a long time. The new shop is comfortable and the wait times are down with the added space! Keep up the great work!
Jeff – Feb 17

I’ve been going to Casey Auto in Palatine for many years. They have always done a great job. Pete has even called the Honda dealer to see if my car is covered under a warranty for me. They go above and beyond. I really appreciate it. They are great!
Laura – Feb 25

Just got my car back from Casey. They are a first class outfit. They did the most thorough exam of my car that has ever been done. They did find a few minor things but the bill was reasonable. They have a loyal customer even though the location is not very convenient for me. I even have a friend who wants their name. Word of mouth is the best advertising. Thanks for introducing them to me.
Jeff S. – April 28