Take Your Car to Casey Automotive for Emissions-related Repairs

Emissions tests are a very important part of the air quality in the Chicago area. If a vehicle does not pass an emissions test, it will require an emissions-related repair before it can retest. Continue reading to learn more about the common emissions-related problems that can result in a failed emissions inspection.

Engine Misfire Experiencing a small number of engine misfires is normal, but too many engine misfires in a short period of time is problematic and will cause a vehicle to fail an emissions test. One of the most common reasons for an engine misfire is a vacuum leak. Other problems that can cause too many engine misfires include dirty or leaky fuel injectors, worn spark plugs, a leaky head gasket, or even bad gasoline.

Bad Fuel to Air Ratio If a vehicle’s fuel to air mixture is running too lean or too rich, a number of things could be happening under the hood of the vehicle. Problems that can cause a lean fuel mixture include a weak fuel pump, leaky fuel pressure regulator, dirty fuel injectors, vacuum leaks, or a dirty mass airflow (MAF) sensor.

Faulty Catalytic Convertor Catalytic convertors usually make it to 100,000 miles with little or no problems. But if a vehicle failed an emissions inspection because of a bad catalytic convertor, it will need to be replaced at a vehicle repair shop before the vehicle can retest and pass the emissions inspection.

Oxygen Sensor A vehicle’s oxygen sensor reads the amount of oxygen in the exhaust so that the engine computer knows how to adjust the fuel mixture for the best fuel economy and lowest emissions output. An inspection of the vehicle’s oxygen sensor will reveal the problem.

If your vehicle has failed an emissions test, there’s no need to stress. Just take your vehicle to Casey Automotive to get the auto repair services needed to pass the emissions inspection the next time. Call us at (847) 934-6602 for more information about our auto repair facilities serving Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, and Prospect Heights.  

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