A Guide to Some Common Brake Problems and Their Causes

Going to a car repair shop for brake maintenance at least once a year is important to reduce future brake problems. But if you have not been able to keep up with brake maintenance or if you use the brakes on your vehicle frequently, some common brake problems might arise. These common brake problems include:

Pulsating Pedal If a vehicle is exposed to heavy braking over a sustained period of time without being given enough time to cool, the brake rotors will become warped. This is especially true if the brake pads are already been worn down pretty significantly. A qualified auto repair shop will replace or resurface your brakes to ensure optimal braking power and reduce braking system damage.

Spongy Pedal If you apply the brakes in your vehicle and notice that the pedal is soft, your vehicle likely has some air in the brake line, a brake fluid leak, or an insufficient level of brake fluid. To fix the problem, technicians at your auto repair shop will look for and fix leaks, top off the brake fluid reservoirs, and repair the brake lines.

Grinding This is an indication that the brake pads on your vehicle have worn out completely and the brake rotors are starting to wear. Get your vehicle to a car repair shop soon so that the problem doesn’t get worse, and so that you can get your vehicle’s stopping power restored for optimum safety.

Unresponsive Brake Pedal If you have to push your vehicle’s brake pedal to the floor before you get much of a response from the brakes, you are experiencing what mechanics call hard braking. A problematic brake booster, vacuum hose, or brake line typically causes hard braking. All of these issues can be fixed painlessly at a high-quality vehicle repair shop.

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