Signs Your Car’s Starting and Charging System Should Be Inspected

A vehicle depends on finely tuned electric systems to start and run efficiently. Your car’s starter uses an electric current from the battery to start your car. Likewise, your car’s alternator transfers mechanical energy of your engine back into the battery. Schedule regular auto repair trips to ensure these systems operate effectively.

  • Car Starter Symptoms: An engine that won’t start may be related to a malfunctioning starter.  For example, audible clicking while turning the key typically indicates a starter problem. Another common starter symptom is the appearance of smoke. A burnt-out start motor will release billows and emit a distinct smell even after the smoke has cleared. If you suspect a starter issue, have a friend observe your vehicle as it starts. Dimming lights are a reliable indicator that electrical problems are threatening your vehicle. Remember: common starter symptoms can sometimes be mistaken for a dying battery. Ensure your battery is working properly prior to diagnosing a starter problem.
  • Charging System Issues: A broken alternator may not impair your daily drive immediately. However, alternator failure will prevent your battery from successfully charging. Audible symptoms include squealing and squeaking from the alternator. These issues are likely related to an internal short. Drivers can also distinguish a charging system failure with visible symptoms. Headlights that flare during acceleration or burn out are signs of an alternator that is overcharging. Address these issues quickly to avoid a dead battery and burnt wiring.
  • Casey Automotive Solutions: Electrical system problems are best left to hands of automotive repair specialists. Casey Automotive employs state-of-the-art technology to test and inspect key electrical components. Also, Casey Automotive replaces dead or waning batteries with AC Delco replacements. These high-quality batteries are backed by a nationwide, seven-year warranty.

Don’t let inconsistent auto repair interfere with your daily commute. Arrange routine maintenance trips to Casey Automotive today with a call to (866) 709-3522.

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