How Do I Know When My Car Needs an Alignment?

The suspension system effects vehicle performance in a different way than the driveline components such as the engine and transmission. Ride quality and handling are directly dependent on the suspension system. It’s necessary to maintain these systems the same way as engine components and other systems in the vehicle. Alignments are one of the most essential aspects of the suspension side of auto repair. The following information will explain the signs that indicate a vehicle is in need of a wheel alignment.


Regularly inspecting tires for proper inflation and wear should be a routine habit for every owner. Tires are important indicators of the shape of suspension components and are often one of the first alerts that a vehicle needs a wheel alignment. If tires are more worn in the center or outsides of the tread surface it usually indicates over or under-inflation. If one side is worn more than the other, there is a saw-tooth pattern of wear, or irregular wear spots are present the suspension is likely out of alignment. Remember that a wheel alignment should also be performed whenever new tires are put on a vehicle.


The cause for irregular wear on tires will usually translate through to the steering wheel, and the driver should be able to feel for certain elements that indicate misaligned wheels. The most obvious sign of this issue is a pull in the steering to either the left or right. If the vehicle drifts to either side of the road when the driver takes their hands off the steering wheel, the suspension is almost always the cause.


Aside from the symptoms previously mentioned, certain aspects of the ride quality point to problems with alignment. Shaking or wobbling is usually the symptom of a severe misalignment and should be inspected immediately. The other common symptom appears when making turns. Turning in one direction will give more resistance or feel harder than turning in the other direction.

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