Handle an Overheating Engine Without Losing Your Cool

The process of internal combustion produces tremendous amounts of heat. If left unregulated, this heat can actually damage parts of your engine and compromise the combustion process. That’s why engines use coolant. Coolant helps regulate the temperature of your car’s engine, making sure that it does not get too hot. Sometimes, however, the coolant system malfunctions leading to an overheated engine. If left unaddressed, an overheated engine can cause severe damage to your vehicle, leading to expensive auto repair bills. Here are some tips to help you handle an overheating engine without losing your cool.

  • Preliminary Steps

When you see your dashboard temperature indicator begin to rise, there is no reason to immediately panic. The first thing you should do is turn off your AC and open the windows. If the indicator continues to rise, you can try turning on the heater and setting the blower to maximum strength. This will help draw out some of the heat from the engine.

  • Pull Over

If you’ve tried the steps described above and the indicator continues to approach the red area at the top, you should pull over as soon as possible. Once you’ve pulled over and turned off your car, open the hood and let your engine cool.

  • Check Your Radiator

After your engine has finished cooling, use a rag or shirt to unscrew the cap of your radiator. If there is no coolant left in your radiator, check the reservoir as well. If both are empty, there is chance you might have a leak. If you suspect that your coolant system has a leak, you should try to find it. Check for puddles underneath your car. Although this is not a permanent fix, temporarily sealing any leaks you might have with tape can buy you time to find an auto repair shop. Once you have found and sealed the leak, you can slowly add water to your coolant reservoir. This should be enough to help you get to the closest auto repair shop. If you are not confident of fixing your overheating problem, call roadside assistance.

If you suspect that your engine is overheating, the last thing you should do is panic. Being aware of how your cooling system regulates engine temperature can help you deal with an overheating engine calmly and safely. To learn more about how to handle an overheating engine, call Casey Automotive at (866) 709-3522.

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