Become Aware Of The Signs of Automatic Transmission Failure

Transmissions are difficult to repair and costly to replace. Therefore, it is important for drivers to look out for the symptoms that lead up to a transmission failure. This information will allow you to seek help from an auto repair shop before a complete failure occurs.

  • Pre-Failure Indicators

Pay attention to how your automatic vehicle shifts gear as you speed up. With a bit of practice, you will be able to recognize the shifting patterns of your transmission. If noticeable irregularities in this shifting occur, then your transmission may be starting to see signs of failure. Driver should also keep track of fluid leaks under their vehicle. Transmissions without sufficient fluid will rapidly overheat and break down, requiring expensive auto repairs. Catch and repair leaks early to prevent a full mechanical failure.

  • Performance Problems

Progressing transmission problems will be more noticeable each time you drive. First, your vehicle will begin taking longer to correctly shift into gear. A worn transmission will eventually fail to shift into gear or begin to “lose” gear while on the road. This malfunction is known as slipping. Each of these symptoms is indicative of an automatic transmission in need of repair. Neglecting to address these issues will only lead to further performance problems and more costly corrections.

  • Unusual Noises and Smells

Generally, transmissions do not produce audible noises during healthy operation. Grinding and whining noises should be of particular concern to drivers. These auditory warning signs are likely caused by failures of internal transmission components. Burning smells from under the hood are equally problematic. An overheated transmission will produce offensive, burnt odors even after short drives. Pull over immediately if you suspect a fluid leak has caused your transmission to overheat.

Fixing transmission problems as soon as they become noticeable is necessary to prevent a costly replacement. Deal with these issues quickly and sufficiently with a call to Casey Automotive at (866) 709-3522.

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