Automotive Tune-Up Checklist for the Winter Season

To ensure maximum safety and driveability this winter in the Schaumburg area, it’s important to take your car to a car repair shop. The following tune-up items will make winter easier on your car and will even reduce the amount of money spent on car repairs in the long run.

Brakes Your car’s brakes are essential for your safety all year round, but especially in winter. Be sure that you visit a car repair shop so you know you know that your car’s brake components are in good shape.

Heating and Cooling System Your car’s ability to supply heat to the cabin depends in part on how well your car’s radiator is functioning and whether you have enough antifreeze in your car’s cooling system. Head to a car repair shop to get your cooling and heating system inspected to ensure that your engine stays cool and your cabin stays warm this winter.

Battery Cold weather makes it harder for the liquid inside your battery to produce energy. If your battery is more than five years old, it’s definitely time to replace it. If your battery is less than five years old, take it to a car repair shop before winter to get the terminals cleaned and the battery tested to greatly reduce the chances of being stranded in a parking lot this winter.

Lights If your car’s headlights are hazy or cloudy, then your visibility this winter will be greatly reduced, especially when driving at night. A car repair shop will be able to clean your headlight casing up for you and greatly improve your safety this winter.

Tires Once per month it’s smart to check your tire pressure and compare it to the factory-recommended PSI found on your driver’s side doorsill. Your car repair shop can also check your tire’s tread level and even fit your car with winter tires for optimal handling and safety this winter.

If you have any questions about these auto maintenance services, come to Casey Automotive or call us at (866) 709-3522. With locations in Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, and Prospect Heights, we have all of the tools and the experience necessary to offer you the highest quality service.

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