Winterize Your Car and Follow These Winter Driving Safety Tips

If you live in the Schaumburg or Arlington Heights area, where winter is exceptionally cold, winterizing your car at a car repair shop is imperative. Watch this video to find out more about winterizing your car and what else you can do to stay safe on the roads this winter.

When going to an auto repair shop to get your car winterized, be sure that you get a set of winter wiper blades, that you ask the mechanics to clean your headlights for good visibility, and that you get your tires inflated to the manufacturer recommended levels. When you’re behind the wheel of a car, use the gas pedal lightly; if you accelerate too quickly, the car with fishtail or become impossible to control.

Visit Casey Automotive before winter hits to get all of your car’s winter maintenance needs taken care of. We have locations and 35 years of experience in the car repair business. Go to our website or call us at (847) 255-1900 if you have any questions.

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