Why You Should Leave Spark Plug Replacement to a Professional

While performing certain auto repair services can be easy and safe, most should be left to a professional. Vehicles are expensive and oftentimes quite sensitive pieces of machinery, so it’s best not to tinker around with your vehicle if you don’t have professional experience. To learn more about the importance of letting an auto repair technician replace your vehicle’s spark plugs, read this article.

Spark Plug Replacement Requires a Special Process and Set of Tools

If the gap between the center and side of a new spark plug isn’t sized perfectly to fit your car, they won’t function. Though it isn’t expensive to purchase the gapping tool required to size and adjust your spark plug gaps, it can be expensive to fix the problems that can occur if the sizing and installation process is not done correctly.

Spark Plug Replacement is Time-Consuming

In addition to adjusting the gap before replacing them, spark plugs must be thoroughly cleaned before they are installed. Many times, a technician will feed wire into the spark plugs, find that it’s too small or too large, and then re-adjust the plugs. If you don’t want to spend a weekend at home adjusting your spark plugs, leaving it to the professionals at your local auto repair shop is the best way to go.

Spark Plug Replacement Must Be Done At a Specific Interval

Though some manufacturers claim their spark plugs will last upwards of 60,000 or 90,000 miles, these limits should not be tested. A defective spark plug can cause a misfire, which can ruin your vehicle’s catalytic convertor and leave you stranded without a working engine.

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