Why is My Exhaust System Rattling and Making Noise?

Mysterious noises are the fear of every car owner. Thankfully, a bit of education can help drivers to recognize the causes of various vehicle sounds. The following information can help diagnose auto repair problems causing noises from the exhaust system.

  • Rusted Muffler

Your vehicle’s muffler, as the name implies, muffles the sounds produced by your exhaust system. When mufflers fail, the unrestricted exhaust system produces much louder reverberations. Rust is often the cause of this muffler failure. In fact, proximity to the ground puts your muffler near puddles and corrosive pollution. Unfortunately, this oxidation reaction will quickly spread to other sections of the exhaust system. Have your muffler inspected by a professional if exhaust system sounds become more audible.

  • Worn Catalytic Converter

Similar to the muffler, your catalytic converter mitigates vehicle exhaust. However, the catalytic converter reduces chemical emissions instead of exhaust noise. This component utilizes a honeycomb of metallic materials to rearrange carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen molecules into harmless carbon dioxide. The catalytic convert is unlikely to cause any noises. However, the components may come loose if other failing components lead to excessive unused fuel to pass through it. This breakdown would produce noticeable rattling noises and also severely compromise your vehicle’s emission controls.

  • Loose Gasket

A functional exhaust gasket connects your exhaust system to the engine cylinder head and ensures engine exhaust flows through the catalytic converter. Long-term wear is likely to loosen the gasket. This damage can be detected by listening for a distinct clicking noise during acceleration. The smell of exhaust within car interiors is another sign of a loose gasket. Take your vehicle in for repair immediately if you suspect a gasket problem. A broken gasket can also release scentless, deadly carbon monoxide into vehicle interiors.

Contact Casey Automotive quickly at (866) 709-3522 if you encounter exhaust symptoms. Speedy service from our auto repair experts can help to protect drivers and the environment from the effects of a faulty exhaust system.

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