What Adjustments are Made During a Wheel Alignment?

Wheel misalignment decreases fuel economy, tire life, and handling. When you visit an auto repair specialist for a comprehensive wheel alignment procedure, technicians will re-center the steering wheel and make the following suspension adjustments.

Toe Angle

The toe angle of your automobile refers to the direction your car’s wheels are pointed in relation to the center of the vehicle. Ideally, the wheels will be pointed straight ahead; but over time, the toe angle starts to diverge from the manufacturer’s original setting. After it is corrected, your auto’s tires will wear less quickly and your vehicle’s handling will improve.

Thrust Angle

In order for your automobile to perform optimally, the thrust angle—which is the angle of rear axle in relation to the center of the car—must be aligned. To achieve this, auto repair specialists will adjust the rear wheels and the axle of your automobile so that they are parallel with both the center of your car and your car’s front axle.

Camber Angle

Using a computerized machine, auto repair experts can determine if your car’s tires are perfectly vertical. Mechanics at your local auto repair shop will be able to adjust your car back to the original factory settings. This will provide your vehicle with optimal fuel economy and handling.

Caster Angle

Caster is the angle with which your car’s wheels slope forward or backward when viewed from the side. Simple things such as driving over a pothole or a speed bump can offset your caster angle. When you visit an auto repair specialist, he or she will simply adjust your car’s caster angle back to original settings.

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