We Have ASE-Certified Mechanics. What Does That Mean To You?

Since 1972, The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence has endeavored to set reliable service standards for auto mechanics. Ensuring your mechanic is an ASE-certified expert creates confidence in the work performed on your vehicle. Explore the benefits of working with an ASE mechanic for your auto repairs below.

  • Proven Expertise

The strict criteria for ASE certification prove to customers that a technician is held to a standard of competence and experience. Mechanics must demonstrate at least two years of professional work experience in the auto repair industry before even applying for certification. ASE applicants must then pass a specialty test that reflects their expertise with a certain aspect of vehicle repair. Specialty categories include engine specialization, parts specialization, collision repair, and many more. ASE certification also demonstrates that a technician’s knowledge is current; certification must be renewed at least once every five years.

  • Dedication to Excellence

ASE certification also reflects how seriously a technician takes his career. Passing the ASE exam is not required to operate as a mechanic. Those who elect to undergo competency evaluation simply seek to demonstrate a visible standard of proficiency to their customers. ASE certified mechanics are also held to a high standard of ethics and professionalism. These are qualities that drivers should prioritize when selecting a technician to work on perform their auto repairs.

  • Confirm ASE Certification

Recognizing a mechanic with an ASE certification should not be difficult. Auto repair shops are usually proud to identify their ASE employees by hanging up their official certificates. Customers will be able to easily assess which technicians have demonstrated competency in specific areas. Many mechanics wear their ASE badge proudly on their work shirts. Ask the shop’s manager if you aren’t sure about an employee’s ASE certification.

The assurance of ASE certification helps car owners avoid taking chances on vehicle repairs. Schaumburg residents can call Casey Automotive at (866) 709-3522 to ask questions about technician qualifications.

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