Understanding the Consequences of Neglecting Routine Car Maintenance

Ignored vehicle maintenance always ends in severe consequences. The importance of routine upkeep cannot be overstressed. Use these tips and a trip to a nearby auto repair shop to learn more about proper vehicle maintenance.

  • More Frequent Breakdowns: Many drivers avoid regular maintenance because they aren’t able to justify the time investment. However, data from auto insurance provider All State shows that those who keep up repairs are far less likely to suffer debilitating breakdowns.  In fact, over 80% of drivers who neglect maintenance were also likely to suffer from a dead battery or a car that wouldn’t start. Furthermore, serious repairs will keep vehicles in the shop far longer than a short maintenance check. Drivers who need their vehicle for daily use should always prioritize small repairs.
  • Catastrophic Component Failures: Ignoring small maintenance checks will only cause vehicles to run inefficiently. For example, forgoing regular oil changes or alignment checks can cause a car to loose fuel economy. However, the same routine maintenance checks can progress into debilitating vehicle problems. Low amounts of engine oil will eventually cause an engine to overheat and seize up. Likewise, uneven wear from long term suspension problems can cause a vehicle to lose grip on the road.  Many auto repair tasks, like brake pad replacements, may lead to dangerous accidents if left unchecked in the long term.
  • Expensive Repairs: All State also reports that 22% of drivers neglect vehicle repairs due to economic problems. Unfortunately, this habit will inevitably lead to greater vehicle expenses. Brake pad replacements, for example, usually cost about $100. Cumulative brake rotor repairs can easily cost several hundred dollars. Likewise, compare a $20-$40 oil change to a full engine replacement. The latter will cost the driver thousands, often rendering the car totaled in insurance terms.

Catching auto repair issues fast is the best way to keep your vehicle safe on the road. Casey Automotive serves the needs of Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, and Prospect Heights drivers with affordable maintenance services. Call (866) 709-3522 to learn more.

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