Understanding the Components of Your Car’s Exhaust System

Car exhaust systems have evolved quite a bit since the advent of the car, with newer exhaust systems producing lower carbon emissions than ever before. If you’ve ever wondered how your car’s exhaust system works, or if you suspect that your car’s exhaust system needs to be repaired, the following article is a must-read. Below is an overview of each of the major components in a car exhaust system.

Exhaust Pipes

If you’ve ever seen your car on a lift, you’ll notice that the exhaust system consists of a series of pipes that run from the engine to the back of the car. These pipes move exhaust gases to the back of the car. Instead of making one large exhaust pipe that’s custom-built to a car’s underbody, carmakers prefer to assemble several small exhaust pipes together because it makes replacing a broken or rusted part easier and more cost-effective.

Exhaust Headers and Hangers

Also known as the exhaust manifold, the header is where the system officially begins. The header collects fumes from the engine’s exhaust ports and sends them to the tailpipe. Hangers are the parts that keep the exhaust system attached to the underbody of the car. Well-designed hangers keep the pipes close to the underbody while allowing them enough space to move with the motion of the car. 

Muffler and Catalytic Convertor

The exhaust muffler works to quiet, or muffle, the sound of the engine. The catalytic convertor also has the primary job of reducing the toxins in a car exhaust. It does this by exposing the exhaust gases to a variety of metals, which initiates a chemical reaction that ultimately reduces the level of emissions that comes out of the tailpipe.

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