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Transmission Fluid Change For Illinois: Palatine IL 60067 | Arlington Heights IL 60004 | Streamwood IL 60107

Transmission Fluid Change

Transmission fluid is a very essential component, when it comes to maintaining the transmission system of the vehicle. With the absence of this transmission fluid, the transmission system would get stuck or you would might hear certain noises from it. This fluid is meant to serve as a lubricant for smooth operation of all moving parts of the transmission set. It is a channel of transferring the engine’s power to the transmission system in a smooth manner. It also contributes to less heat generation from the transmission components, which eventually leads to less corrosive damage and more durability of the parts. If a transmission cooler is incorporated in the car, the transmission fluid plays the role of a coolant.

There are very few automobile owners who would be knowing the importance of changing transmission fluid on time. If you feel that your car is experiencing issues in transmission, it is recommended to consider a transmission fluid change. How often to change automatic transmission fluid? Typically, the automatic transmission fluid is needed to be checked once in a month, to avoid any serious complications, for which you may have to pay a huge sum. You need to take due care in the periodic checking the fluid, as getting the whole transmission set replaced is pretty expensive. The time intervals of changing transmission fluid differ according to the car company. However, with frequent checking you would be able to determine when the fluid needs replacement. Check the fluid with a dipstick every month, if it has turned dark and has a burning odor, get ready to change it. In case of manual transmission fluid change, how often to replace query’s answer is, ideally every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Some car companies suggest the fluid to be changed every 15,000 miles, in case the car is to be used for heavy work on a regular basis.

Now you know the importance of performing a transmission fluid change on a routine basis.

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