Tire Buying: Choosing Between an OEM and an Aftermarket Tire

When investing in a new set of tires for your automobile, you’ll need to decide whether to buy original equipment (OEM) tires or aftermarket tires. Before you head to your local auto repair or tire shop, read this article for help deciding which type would be better for you.

Improved Performance

If you’re looking for reliable performance, you can’t go wrong with an OEM tire. But if you want to increase the performance of your automobile, consider an aftermarket tire with a higher speed rating and a tread pattern that is optimized for performance. Certain aftermarket tires are made for the handling and braking demands that a performance-oriented driver desires. Visit an auto repair or tire shop to find out which aftermarket tire will increase your car’s performance.

Enhanced Traction During Inclement Weather

Your car’s traction is greatly determined by the type of tires you have. OEM tires are likely to be either summer or all-season tires—unless you have a high-performance car, in which case they will probably be performance tires. If you’re looking for a way to improve your car’s performance during a snowy Chicago winter, look for aftermarket snow tires and summer tires. You can get these tires switched out when the season changes for optimal handling all year round.

Better Pricing

In many cases, the manufacturer of your vehicle may have equipped an expensive brand of tires on your vehicle. To maintain the same level of quality, you might have to pay extra for OEM tires, especially if you have larger wheels. If you are looking for ways to save some money, opt for a more value-oriented brand of aftermarket tires instead.

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