The Vital Role of Tire Maintenance in Proper Car Care

Tire maintenance is an essential part of overall auto care—it plays a crucial role in your vehicle’s safety, reliability, efficiency, and performance. Be sure to take your vehicle in for a tire checkup on a regular basis so that your car can provide you with reliable service for years to come. Take a look at the following information to learn about the ways in which your tires influence your car’s overall health.

Sustain Performance: Proper car care depends on good tire care. For example, fuel efficiency is one of the biggest performance issues caused by poor tire care—underinflated tires increase drag and rolling resistance. As a result, the vehicle ends up burning extra fuel.  Uneven levels of inflation can lead to alignment issues, which can then lead to uneven tread wear and reduced traction.

Prevent Flats: Properly inflated tires are much less likely to blow out. Unfortunately, the Rubber Manufacturers Association reports that a wheel can drop 50% of its pressure before developing visible symptoms. You’ll need to schedule routine pressure checks to avoid flat problems. In addition, you should also inspect your tires for foreign objects on a regular basis. Sharp objects embedded in your tread can cause slow leaks or even lead to blowouts on the road.

Limit Costs: Poorly maintained tires will need to be replaced more frequently than tires that are properly maintained. For example, tires that are not regularly rotated will wear unevenly, with certain tires wearing down to the point of being unusable. Eventually, you’re only solution is to replace your tires.

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