The Benefits Transmission Rebuilds Offer Over Replacement

Your vehicle’s transmission is a complex system comprised of many components that experience wear and tear over the miles. If you are experiencing transmission problems, this is a serious repair issue that cannot be ignored. When your car needs a new transmission, your auto mechanic can offer you the option of rebuilding or replacing. Let’s take a look at the benefits transmission rebuilds offer over replacement:

Lower Cost A brand new transmission is extremely expensive, and can sometimes cost as much as replacing the entire engine. During a transmission rebuild, the repair shop will replace the parts that have become damaged or worn out. By only replacing some of your transmission’s parts, you will save money. The rest of the transmission components have been built to last the lifetime of your vehicle, and should still be perfectly operable.

Quicker Service Another benefit that a transmission rebuild offers over a replacement is the speed of the service. When your mechanic installs a brand new transmission, this is a complex procedure that involves many components. A new transmission installation can take up to a week. A transmission rebuild will only take a few days. By choosing a rebuilt transmission, you will be able to get back out on the road much faster.

Better Performance Newer vehicles that were built within the last fifteen years use computers to control the function of the transmission. The computer system forms what is called a network, which enables it to learn the habits of the individual transmission parts. If you replace your transmission, the computer will need to completely re-learn the network. A rebuilt transmission will contain many of the original parts, so the computer can use its familiar network and provide better performance.

If you are experiencing transmission trouble, come to Casey Automotive. Our auto repair experts will perform a multi-point inspection to determine the precise point of malfunction, and we offer a great price on a rebuild or replacement service. Located in Palatine, we provide quality car repair services for drivers around Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Prospect Heights, and the surrounding areas. Call us at (866) 709-3522 to make a transmission repair appointment today!

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