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Strut Repair For Illinois: Palatine IL 60067 | Arlington Heights IL 60004 | Streamwood IL 60107

Strut Repair

Much like a shock absorber, your car’s struts provide a dampening effect as you travel over a road’s surface.

By absorbing the shock of the road, struts allow passengers to ride in a car without constant and uncomfortable motion.

Struts work a bit differently than shocks in that they provide structural support for your car’s suspension. This means that struts support your car’s weight, unlike shocks which only regulate the speed at which the weight is transferred.

Struts usually last around 50,000 or 60,000 miles. This is simply because the damping characteristics of the parts gradually deteriorates over time. And since you are driving the car pretty much everyday, the decline in the quality of the drive is going to happen with out you noticing.

Do I need strut repair?

A way of testing is the “bounce test”. This is where you would rock and release the bumper or the body. If the car continues to gyrate more than one or two times then the parts are aging, and it’s time to replace them. You can also diagnose the parts by answering the following questions.

*When driving on rough roads, does the car excessively bounce?
*After hitting a bump, Does the car excessively bounce?
*Does the body sway excessively when cornering or driving in crosswinds?
*Does the nose dip when braking?
*When backing out of the driveway, does the suspension bottom out?
*When hauling extra passengers or weight does the suspension bottom out?

If you answered yes to more than one question, then strut repair with the pros at Casey Automotive is imperative.

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