Signs Your Car’s Brakes Need to Be Inspected

Neglecting brake maintenance can leave you with an expensive auto repair bill down the road, and can increase your chances of getting in a car collision. Stay safe and save money by reading this guide to determine if your car’s brakes need to be inspected.

Unusual Noises

Grinding, growling, and high-pitched screeching noises indicate that your brakes need to be repaired or replaced. If you hear squealing or screeching during braking, it is likely that your auto brake pads are wearing out. A small metal indicator on the brake pad is there to remind you when your brake pads need to be replaced. If you hear that noise, be sure to contact an auto repair specialist as soon as possible before other components of your braking system start to wear out.

Lack of Braking Power

Cars with unresponsive brakes are serious safety hazards. If your car’s brake pedal sinks to the floor or isn’t providing the braking power that it used to, contact an auto repair shop. There’s a decent chance that your car’s braking system has an air or a brake fluid leak.

Uneven Braking

Are your brakes dragging your car to one side? Auto repair specialists call this “pulling.” If your brakes pull, it could be that your brakes are wearing unevenly or that your brake fluid has become contaminated. A simple brake adjustment or fluid flush will probably fix the issue.

Vehicle or Steering Wheel Vibration

If you apply the brakes and your brake pedals begin to pulsate, you might have warped rotors. This usually happens as a result of intense braking, which heats up the rotors dramatically. Another possibility is that your wheels are out of alignment, so make sure to visit an auto repair shop to get the issue diagnosed and fixed.

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