How Complimentary Loaner Vehicles Simplify Car Repairs

Bringing your car in for repairs can take up a significant portion of your day if you are caught having to wait at the car repair shop. At Casey Automotive, we understand the hassle of waiting for your car to be serviced. This is why we offer complimentary loaner vehicles for you to use while we work on your car. Here are some of the ways that our complimentary loaner vehicles will simplify your car repairs:

Use Your Time Efficiently Whether you have taken your car into the repair shop for a basic car care procedure or a major service, waiting for your vehicle will cause you to lose valuable time from your day. When you use our complimentary loaner vehicle service, you will not have to coordinate your schedule around your auto service. Instead, you will be able to simply drop your car off and use our loaner vehicle to go about your day.

Take Charge of Your Transportation Sometimes, people taking their cars into the repair shop must coordinate a drop off and pick up with their spouse or friends. It can be difficult to schedule a time when you and another person will be able to drive to the repair shop together.  If you have a tight schedule, a complimentary loner vehicle will allow you to take charge of your own transportation.

Feel Great About Your Service When you choose an independent repair shop that goes the extra mile to provide a complimentary vehicle service, you will feel great about your overall repair experience. This added convenience will make it easier to take your car in for repairs. You will also feel great knowing that you have chosen a repair shop where the customer comes first.

At Casey Automotive, we are committed to providing the best quality service to drivers in the Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg, Prospect Heights areas. Along with our cutting edge service and repairs, we provide complimentary loaner vehicles and a free shuttle service. To schedule an appointment at our one of our convenient Chicago area auto repair locations, call us at (866) 709-3522. 

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