Factors that Contribute to Accelerated Tire Wear and the Need for New Tires

Other than being expensive and inconvenient, replacing your vehicle’s tires prematurely is an indication that the vehicle is in need of car maintenance services. Failing to get these maintenance services will result in accelerated tire wear and possibly even reduced fuel economy and braking power. To find out more about what can cause a vehicle’s tires wear out faster and what to do to fix this problem, read the following article.

Improper Inflation If the tires on your vehicle are not inflated to the manufacturer-recommended PSI level, the vehicle’s tire life will suffer. To stay on top of tire maintenance, check the tire pressure at least once per month to make sure they are at the proper levels.

Wheel Misalignment Whether it happens over time or suddenly from hitting a curb or pothole, your vehicle’s suspension will eventually change from the manufacturer’s original settings. This will reduce the life of the tires and negatively affect the vehicle’s handling. If you think your wheels are misaligned, ask the mechanics at your local car repair shop to perform a computerized wheel alignment service.

Worn Suspension Components If your vehicle’s shocks or ball joints are worn out, the vehicle will not be able to keep the tires stabilized, resulting in significantly reduced tire life. If your vehicle is veering to the side or you notice accelerated tire wear, you might want to get your suspension inspected at a vehicle repair shop.

Driving Style Accelerated tire wear can also be the result of an aggressive driving style. Taking corners slowly and braking gradually rather than suddenly before a stop will increase tire life. Taking weight off of a vehicle’s trunk will also help curb accelerated tire wear, as the more weight a vehicle has to carry the faster the tires will wear.

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