Extreme Temperatures Affect Car Batteries: Get Yours Checked at an Auto Repair Shop

While mild temperatures don’t have much of an effect on your car’s battery, extreme temperatures can do quite a number over time. Read on to see how extreme temperatures take a toll on your battery and why you should go to an auto repair shop to replace your battery before it dies.

How Extreme Cold Affects Your Battery Cold air slows down the chemical reaction inside your car’s battery. Though car batteries are designed to operate in cold temperatures, they cannot sustain temperatures that are well below freezing. At these temperatures, the chemicals in the battery will have difficulty generating enough energy to start your car. Cold air also makes it harder for the engine to start, which increases the current drawn from your battery.  

How Extreme Heat Affects Your Battery Extreme heat will cook the chemicals inside your battery. This causes the water inside your battery to evaporate, leaving your battery with nothing but electrolytes. This will cause your battery’s terminals to corrode, thus decreasing the battery’s ability to produce electricity for your car.  

The Danger of Waiting Until Your Battery Dies Here in Chicago, temperatures in the winter and summer can be extreme enough to cause problems for your battery. For this reason, it’s important that you get your battery inspected by knowledgeable mechanics at a reputable auto repair shop. Neglecting to do so could cause electrical problems for your car. Being stranded with a dead battery is also incredibly inconvenient, and it can be quite costly to call roadside assistance.

To ensure that your car’s battery is in tip-top shape all year long, come to Casey Automotive. Our Arlington Heights location offers quality auto repair services for those living in Schaumburg, Prospect Heights, and Hoffman Estates. Call us at (847) 934-6602 for more information about car batteries and the other auto maintenance and repair topics.  

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