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Emission Repair For Illinois: Palatine IL 60067 | Arlington Heights IL 60004 | Streamwood IL 60107

The Importance of Emission Repair for Your Car or Truck.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the term emissions refers to gases and particles released into the air, otherwise known as pollutants. Vehicles that emit these pollutants into the air cause the Earth’s atmosphere to become dirty and unhealthy for both the environment and the creatures living within it. To remedy the air pollution problem, emissions given out by each vehicle need to be regularly measured, as we do here at Casey Automotive.

By measuring the amount of emissions released by each vehicle, the federal and state governments can begin enforcing laws to protect our air quality and environment.

Dirty air filters, oil and spark plugs not only cause your vehicle to produce more emissions, but also significantly reduce the efficiency and longevity of your car or truck. A grimy air filter can cut off your engine’s air supply, literally choking your vehicle. In turn, this can cause carbon monoxide to be released into the air. Muddy oil will leave your engine parts without lubrication, which can cause the machinery to break down. Eventually, the engine will seize and render your vehicle useless. The same is true for soiled or worn out spark plugs. If they do not work efficiently, the vehicle has to work harder. As a result, emissions will get released into the air faster. Newer car and truck models collect less dirt and pollutants, therefore requiring less emission repair.

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