Drive-Line Repair – Palatine IL 60067 – Arlington Heights IL 60004 – Streamwood IL 60107

Drive-Line Repair For Illinois: Palatine IL 60067 | Arlington Heights IL 60004 | Streamwood IL 60107

Drive-Line Repair

Rear Differential Services

Rear Differential Repair
Differential carrier bearing kit installation
Differential pinion gear bearing and crush sleeve kit installation
Rear differential axle bearing kit or individual bearing replacement
Stock axle replacement
Upgraded heavy duty axle replacement
Stock ring and pinion gear replacement
Upgraded heavy duty ring and pinion gear replacement
Performance ring and pinion gear ratio change

Rear Differential Leak Repair

In car differential leak repair for individual failure of sensor o-rings, pinion yoke seal, axle seal or differential cover gasket
Leaking or bad electrical sensor or switch replacement
Complete differential reseal

Half Shaft / Constant Velocity (CV) Axle Service

Stock FWD or 4WD CV Axle replacement
Upgraded heavy duty Billet or Cryogenically Hardened CV axles installed

CV axle seal replacement

CV axle boot repair or replacement
CV Axle service, joints cleaned & repacked
Custom built CV axles to your specific application

Drive Shaft and Universal Joint (U-Joint) Service

Stock universal joint replacement
Upgraded heavy duty u-joints installed
Custom application specific Spicer u-joints installed
Driveshaft carrier bearing installation
Drive shaft rebuilt or replaced
Drive shaft straightened and installed
Drive shaft shortened or lengthened
Drive shaft balanced and installed

Drive-Line Repair by Casey Automotive

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