Don’t Forget to Routinely Check Your Car’s Fluid Levels and Tire Pressure

Your car’s fluid levels and tire pressure are important parts of routine vehicle maintenance. In fact, your vehicle’s performance will suffer if fluid levels and tire pressure are too low. Read on to take a look at just how important it is to keep your car properly maintained.

Safety: Improper tire pressure could easily put you and your passengers in danger. Overinflated tires reduce your vehicle’s ability to grip the road. This decrease in traction can lead to a loss of control and result in dangerous accidents. Low tire pressure is also bad, increasing the chances of a blowout and reducing efficiency. Check your tires regularly to ensure that they are filled to the appropriate levels.

Reliability: Checking and maintaining your fluid levels will go a long way toward ensuring the reliability of your car. To avoid problems on the road, be sure to check your oil, transmission fluid, and radiator fluid. If any of these get too low or contaminated, you could run into problems such as overheating and engine seizure.

Economy: Both fluid levels and tire pressure contribute to your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Low tire pressure, for example, will increase drag and rolling resistance, which will lead to a decrease in fuel economy. Low fluid levels can also lead to poor engine performance due to increased heat or internal friction.

Performance: Your car was built to exacting specifications, and it must be carefully maintained to stay in shape. Performance will drop off if fluid and tire pressure levels are neglected for various reasons. Low or dirty oil can slow an engine down, low coolant can lead to overheating, and underinflated tires can throw off a vehicle’s suspension.

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