Common Causes of Automotive Air Conditioning Problems

The air conditioning system is an essential component whenever the weather is hot. Driving in the heat without the air conditioning is unimaginable for many people, and anyone who has experienced the failure of the system knows why. Certified auto repair shops will be able to quickly determine the cause of air conditioning failure or lack of performance for a hassle-free repair. We’ll cover the common causes below.

Refrigerant Loss

The air conditioning system in a vehicle may appear to slowly be losing function over time until it eventually barely cools the vehicle or completely fails to blow cool air. The most common cause for this type of failure is a leak and loss of refrigerant. As refrigerant escapes through the leak the system will lose its capacity to transfer heat and its ability to cool. To properly fix this type of problem the leak will have to be tracked down and repaired. Simply adding more refrigerant to a system with a leak will create a larger leak and the added refrigerant will soon leak out as well.

Component Failure

When one of the components in the air conditioning system fails it will usually result in a complete lack of cooling ability. However, sometimes components do not completely fail and leave the system partially functioning. Testing and finding which component in the system failed requires extensive knowledge and the proper tools. The best option is to have a certified shop inspect the vehicle.

System Contamination

Leaks in the system or failure of the dryer will result in contamination of the system. When a leak is present, the refrigerant will leak out and air will be sucked into the system. Air contamination will greatly reduce the system’s ability to cool. The other problem is that air allows the formation of ice crystals. If ice forms in the system it will reduce its function and in some cases completely block the system leading to failure. The system’s dryer is used to suck moisture out of the system and prevent this but with time and exposure to air it will fail.

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