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Car Suspension Service For Illinois: Palatine IL 60067 | Arlington Heights IL 60004 | Streamwood IL 60107

Car Suspension Service

Your car’s suspension is an area that is far more important than many people realize. It doesn’t only affect how comfortable and smooth the ride is, although this is important, but it is also a vital aspect of your car’s safety. Without a properly maintained and functioning suspension, as performed with car suspension service, you can suffer adverse effects of on your car’s handling, braking and acceleration, as well as unnecessary tire wear and other issues. Making sure suspension systems are properly maintained is therefore vital.

The suspension of your car has a number of functions vital to safety and optimum performance. They include:

Maintaining the correct vehicle ride height
Reducing the effect of shock forces upon your car
Maintaining the correct wheel alignment
Supporting the vehicles weight
Keeping the vehicles tyres in contact with the road
Control of vehicle’s direction of travel

Clearly the maintenance of your car’s suspension system will be of vital importance to how your car handles and behaves on the road. Making sure it is working properly will not only make your car safer but will also help reduce unnecessary wear and tear. Monroe is a company that take the issue of suspension, and especially shock absorbers very seriously, and it is worth considering their ‘Safety Triangle’ – stopping, steering and stability – which means your brakes, tires and shock absorbers need to work together seamlessly to ensure maximum safety.

Car suspension service at Casey Automotive is more than smooth!

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