Current Tire Promotions and Rebates

Is it time to replace your tires? You’re in luck!

Get up to a $70 rebate when you purchase 4 Qualifying General Tires, and we’ll match the rebate amount with an instant in-store rebate.
We’ll also give you $30 off an alignment.

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Reasons To Buy Tires From Casey Automotive

* Receive $30 off a 4-Wheel Alignment
* Free Nitrogen fill and refill for the life of the tire
* Rotation for the life of the tire
* Wheels hand torqued to manufacturer’s specs
* New rubber valve stems on applicable tires
* Flat repairs for the life of the tire (within safety standards)
* Mileage warranty
* Manufacturer’s defect warranty

Key Indications That New Tires Are Needed

Bulges, Gouges or Cracks – When a tire deflates, it buldges at the sides. This is a sign of low tire pressure or a slow air leak.
Tread Wear – The old school penny test is one way to check for when you need to get new tires. Place a penny into the tread, with Lincoln’s head pointing down. If you can still see the top of his head, the treat is dangerously low. Most modern tires, however, have wear bars. You can find the wear bars that go across the groove, and if the tread pattern is worn down to that wear bar, you need to replace your tire.
Tire Pressure – Tires deflate at a rate of about one pound per square inch (PSI) per month. You should check that you have the right inflation pressure once a month.
Temperature Changes – Tire pressure drops in extreme cold. The challenge in summer is excessive heat buildup in the tire. If you’re heading out on a road trip with an under-inflated tire, it will generate more heat and wear out faster.
Vibration – Watch out for vibration or thumping when driving. If it feels like it’s coming from under the seats, the rear tires may be out of balance.

Benefits of Nitrogen

* Nitrogen reduces the loss of tire pressure due to permeation through rubber over time by about 1/3. This helps maintain the vehicle’s required tire pressures a little longer, but does not eliminate the need for monthly tire pressure checks.
* Nitrogen is beneficial for fuel economy because it reduces the loss of tire pressure. A drop in tire pressure increases rolling resistance of your tires, which decreases your gas mileage.
* Nitrogen is less affected by the changes in temperature than regular air.
* Nitrogen is a dry gas and will not support moisture that could contribute to corrosion of the tire’s steel components. This can often extend the life of the tire.

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