Automotive Air Conditioning System

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Automotive Air Conditioning VentAutomotive Air Conditioning Systems allow drivers to enjoy a temperature controlled environment while driving on hot days. Using a system similar to that on a household air conditioner, the automotive air conditioning system could be broken down into 4 parts: Compressor, Condenser, Thermal Expansion Valve, and Evaporator. Many systems also implement a Drier or Accumulator in order to avoid the chance of liquid refrigerant, such as Freon, making its way into the compressor.

In most cases, a non-functioning air conditioning system is the result of a coolant leak from old hoses. After detecting the leak, recharging the refrigerant should remedy the problem. There are also cases when only a recharge is necessary. More complex air conditioning problems are typically the result of a malfunctioning evaporator or compressor.

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