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Wheel Bearings

When a Wheel Bearing or Hub Assembly is bad, it will usually make a noise.
The noise can vary when you turn, and also with speed. This grinding noise indicates that your wheel bearings are bad, and you should replace them. Common noises are squeaks, chirps, squeals, moans, grinding, growling, whining, etc.

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One good way to tell if a wheel bearing is bad is by taking hold of the wheel at 6 and 12 o’clock and attempting to shake it. The amount of wiggle room that your wheel has is play. There should be very little or no play in the wheel. If you do have play in your wheel, you need to replace your wheel bearings or hub. If there is no play in your wheel, that doesn’t necessarily mean your wheel bearing is good.

When you rotate the wheel by hand, and experience roughness or noise, this too can indicate bad wheel bearings.

Another check you can make is by checking the temperature of the wheel hub after driving ten miles. The hub portion should be barely warm (the wheel it self will be hotter because of the brakes). The hub’s job is to prevent friction with the body. If the hub is warm, friction is causing it to heat up, and you need new hubs and wheel bearings.

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