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Wheel Balancing

The purpose of wheel balancing is to eliminate any vibration which might be caused by any mis-match between a tire and the wheel. First, you may wonder why there might even exist a mis-match requiring tire balancing when you’re buying new tires and possibly installing them on new wheels or even used ones which are in good condition. Wheel Balancing can correct vibration caused by as little as 1/4 ounce

To begin, it is important to realize that the amount of weight difference which could cause vibration can be extremely small. Most tire balancing machines today are set to detect and correct vibration caused by as little as 1/4 ounce. Just 1/4 ounce … that’s less than the weight of the pat of butter you put on your morning toast!

Why this tiny weight can be important is based on the principle that a small force, repeated rapidly and frequently can cause serious damage to almost anything.

Remember how just one tiny drop of water, dripping on a piece of solid rock over hundreds of years can wear that rock forming fantastic shapes and formations which we marvel at in nature. Next take into account that 1/4 oz. (which is the minimum a tire balancing machine corrects) is many times heavier than that tiny drop of water which can wear away a mountain and you can start to realize that this small weight imbalance can be important. Now add to this, the knowledge that a car’s wheel which is traveling at 60 mph is making approximately 4 revolutions every second, and every one of those revolutions is producing a tiny shake which is passed on to every part of the vehicle connected to it.

Casey Automotive has the tools and know-how to perform exacting wheel balancing.

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